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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the program.   We could not operate without their dedicated help.   There are many areas in which volunteers can find a way to share their talents or learn new ones.  We will provide training for those positions that require it.

Areas of opportunity are:

Barn Crew - Our horses need to be fed each morning and night.   Our 'Entremanures' are also responsible for cleaning the pastures and barn area, checking the horses over for illness or injury, and topping off water tanks. Prior horse experience is not required, training will be provided.

Leaders - The responsibility of the leader is grooming and tacking their horse and instructing other volunteers in the grooming and tacking process.   During sessions, they lead and control the mount, while allowing the rider to do as much as possible for themselves.   Leaders must be comfortable with horses and have prior experience.   Training is required.

Sidewalkers - The primary duty of the sidewalker is the safety of their rider.   To ensure the rider's safety, sidewalkers will be given different holds on riders' legs or be told by the instructor to walk beside the horse.   Sidewalkers may also be called upon to act as individual coaches to help reinforce instructor's directions by prompting the rider.   The degree of assistance from the sidewalker will depend upon the capabilities of the rider.   Sidewalkers must be able to walk beside a horse for a 45 minute session,  jog one lap around the arena and have sufficient arm strength to maintain contact with a mounted client as needed.   Training is required.

Associate Instructor - Associate instructors are individuals-in-training to become instructors and work under the guidance of an instructor.   Required skills include riding, horse care, instruction and working with people.

Work Crew - Our work crews are individuals who work on special projects at the facility.   These projects include painting, building, fence repair, cleanup or maintenance.

Green Thumbs - The "thumbs" do yard work, mowing, weed whacking, as well as special projects.   A love of the outdoors is all that is required for this position.

Gatekeepers - The keepers of the gate are individuals who patiently open and close arena gates, allowing riders and horses in and out of the arena during sessions, saving volunteers' legs from making extra steps.   No special skills required.

Volunteer Committee - Connections needs several people to work on a Volunteer Committee to help organize volunteer training, help plan volunteer events such as potlucks, and get-togethers, help improve the coordination of volunteer assignments, and to be the bridge of communication among staff, board, and volunteers, and help in our volunteer recruitment and retention.

Paper Wrangler - We need people who can round up and corral the paperwork in the office.  

Media Mogul - Are you a decent photographer or videographer?   Comfortable with social media, able to use Photoshop or video editing tools?     

Anything Else?    If you have talents or interests not metioned above, we can still find a place for you.  Are you a foodie who can help organize volunteer potlucks?   Do you have a creative side?   Can you come up with arts and crafts projects for our clients or create teaching aids?   For more information contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (928) 639-0791. 

WARNING:   Volunteer service at Connections may become addictive.  You could find yourself spending more time at the ranch than you anticipated!

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