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STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH is a challenging adventure in corporate leadership and team building, taught by horses.

Groups explore leadership and team building strategies based on the herd mentality of horses, which has enabled them to survive as a species through thousands of years of change.  Profitability requires adaptability, creativity and sustainability.   These three qualities are the recipe for success of the herd.

Straight From the Horse's Mouth involves engaging in ground activities with the horses that will require the client or group to solve problems and seek their own ways of resolving the issues that arise along the way.   The unpredictability of these activities and their outcomes may evoke feelings of accomplishment, adventure, frustration, uncertainty, failure, rejection or even fear.  The most important aspect of these activities is not whether the goal is achieved but rather identifying patterns of behavior and  emotional response that relate to the modern-day corporate experience.  


Am I a leader or a follower?


 Am I a team player?

How do I handle conflict?


Am I a good communicator?

Do I see the humor in situations?



Horses are an exellent source of organic biofeedback, able to mirror our patterns and emotions.  We tend to forget that in spite of their size, horses are prey animals.  They must be constantly aware of every aspect of their environment, seeing every detail while remaining aware of the 'big picture'.   Their sensitivity to their environment and one another enables them to ready our body language and emotions.   The way they react and interact with humans provides countless opportunities for metaphoric learning.    As our behaviors and feelings change, the horses will likewise respond in a different manner.   Through activites guided by our staff, each individual and group's experperience will be uniquely challenging, allowing them the opportunity to examine their own patterns of behavior and find more adaptive ways to interact and problem-solve.

We invite your group to get outdoors, away from conference rooms and PowerPoint presentations, and learn leadership and team-building skills in a dynamic environent by doing, not listening.  No horse experience needed - Just a curious mind, and adventurous spirit and a sense of humor.






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